The Funeral of Marilyn Monroe

Funeral of Marilyn Monroe

The funeral of Marilyn Monroe was held on Wednesday, 8th August 1962 at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles.

In the absence of Marilyn’s half-sister Berniece Miracle – who lived 500 miles away and was making her way to Los Angeles – her former husband, Joe DiMaggio, asked if he and Marilyn’s business manager Inez Melson, could help with the arrangements.  They decided to invite only her close family members and friends, excluding all her Hollywood friends as Berniece felt you couldn’t invite them all, and DiMaggio felt they contributed in part to her death.  Press and fans stood outside the cemetery gates and surrounding streets in their hundreds, while there was a police presence in the cemetary to keep the crowd under control. The funeral service was conducted at the cemetery’s chapel by Reverend A.J.  Soldan. Continue reading “The Funeral of Marilyn Monroe”

Timeline of Marilyn’s Last Day

Timeline Marilyn's Last Day

Timeline – Marilyn’s Last Day

There has been much speculation, controversy, rumour and intrigue surrounding the circumstances of the night Marilyn died – Here are the facts as we know them:

08.00am  Eunice Murray arrives at 12305 Fifth Helena Drive.

09.00am  Marilyn gets up, has some grapefruit juice and tells Mrs. Murray that Pat Newcomb has stayed over.

10.00am  Larry Schiller calls to the house to discuss Marilyn’s nude photos from the set of “Something’s Got To Give” appearing in Playboy magazine.
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Unreliable Witnesses / Discredited Sources

Unreliable Witness / Discredited Sources

Frank Capell

Frank Capell was a right wing, anti-communist writer, who was one of the first people to specualte about Marilyn and the Kennedys.  Two things Capell hated were communists and the Kennedys, and he thought the two were interlinked. In 1964, Capell wrote a book called “The Strange Death of Marilyn Monroe” – it was more of a booklet with just 70 pages – and in it he condemns Marilyn as a communist who got what she had coming.  Capell accuses everyone connected with Marilyn of being a communist too, but holds a special vitirol for Robert Kennedy, who, he claims was responsible for Marilyns death. Add to that the fact that he played a large part in helping to write Robert Slatzer’s book and was indicted for libel along with Jack Clemmons and I think you have enough to discredit him right there.
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Truth or Myth

Truth or Myth

There has been much speculation over the years that Marilyn had an affair with JFK and his brother, Robert Kennedy. Here, we’ll break down the reasons why this is likely or proven untrue.

Rumour:   Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy engaged in a long-standing affair/had a child together/Marilyn thought JFK would leave Jackie Kennedy and she would become First Lady of USA.
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